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EBS material usage policy

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The EBS course materials have been designed as an integrated package so the lesson presentations are complemented by the notes, handouts, deals and quizzes provided.  However, we recognise that some teachers may want the flexibility to tailor the materials to suit their own needs.  You are free to do so, but it is a condition of using EBS that, if you do, you follow the requirements below:

  •  you may add your own title or covering sheet with your own branding to any EBS material;
  • you must also add prominent wording in the form of the sample disclaimer provided below to the material you have adapted to make it clear to your students that, whilst the lesson in based upon official EBS material, it has been modified by you in certain respects and that the content may therefore differ from official version; and
  • you must not remove or alter the EBS logo and branding but you are free to add your own logo alongside the EBS one with equal prominence wherever it appears.


This lesson has been produced by [ADD YOUR NAME HERE].  Whilst it is based upon original material written by the English Bridge School, the content has been modified to reflect the producer’s own personal style and so the content may occasionally differ from the official version.





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