Learn Bridge

Bridge is the most exciting and challenging card game there is.    You can learn to play a simple hand or two in an hour but improving your play is a life-long journey.    Bridge offers something to learners at all levels.   You can play socially around a kitchen table or take part in tournaments at national and international level.   You can play in your local club or travel the world on bridge cruises.

Bridge is sociable and an excellent way to make new friends.   It is mentally stimulating and endlessly engaging and the English Bridge School is here to help you on your way to play.

What is Bridge?

Bridge is a trick-taking card game but what makes it unique is that it’s played with a partner.   Contract Bridge involves a bidding auction where your partnership commit to making a certain number of tricks and then you play the hand to see if you can do what you promised!  You can play rubber bridge (sometimes for money) but EBS will teach you Duplicate Bridge which is the most competitive form of the game.  There is no gambling or money involved.   

What is the best way to learn bridge?

Most people join a class of between 12 – 20 students and are guided in their learning by a professional bridge teacher.   This can happen in a classroom or online.    Learning with a group ensures you find other people to play and practice with straight away and that you can improve your learning by asking questions and getting help when you need it.

Some people teach themselves bridge by reading a book or doing an online course but this is not the right path for everyone.

How does the English Bridge School help?

This online resource connects you to your teacher and the other students in your class.   It provides you with all the materials you need lesson by lesson to embed your learning.     EBS is a one-stop-shop with practice materials at your finger tips plus an integrated calendar and messaging system.    

How do I sign up?

Our ACOL Standard Pathway A – Beginners’ Course is a available now. Sign up is via our Bridge Warehouse.

Your first 30 days are FREE when you use the discount code “ASPA_FIRST_MONTH_FREE” on the checkout page.

Click here to sign up.

For help with the sign up process, visit our frequently asked questions (FAQs) page.

A warning!

Bridge is a highly addictive game and may change your life!   Don’t say we didn’t warn you . . . . .