English Bridge School

The English Bridge School uses the power of Google Workspace to bring you flexible teaching tools to deliver deliver both your online and classroom-based lessons.

Workspace for Education is a set of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools and software products that contains everything you need to deliver your lessons by free video conferencing. Workspace is easy to use and flexible. 


With your English Bridge School account you have access to:

  • Personal “Classroom” which gives direct access for your own students

  • Courses ready-made to be delivered for your own students


Personal teaching email account (with facility to forward mail to another email account)


  • Easily email your learners with one click and send links to new resources
  • Personal online 30Gb of storage for your own resources in “MyDrive”.

  • Access to a shared Bridge Library with popular articles and materials
  • FREE video conferencing with Google Meet – unlimited time and up to 250 participants. Assisted technology enables subtitles for your meeting attendees


  • Class calendar features. Automatically add your regular class “Meet” (video conference) link with “click to join”. 

As an English Bridge School teacher you will have your own  personalised classroom for your students where you can not only use our materials but also add your own. 

Join us:

To access your own ready made classroom you will need an English Bridge School account. If you are already a member of our English Bridge Teachers’ Association (EBTA) then you will be given an EBS account as part of your membership benefits. Here is a link to  purchase an annual EBTA Membership.  (Currently £45 pa)


Find more more help and how to on our FAQs page:

  1. Quick start guide to joining EBS
  2. How to access google apps (classroom, slides, calendar)
  3. Add your own material – overview of process
  4. How to use slides
  5. How to add video
  6. How to add materials and documents
  7. How to add assignments